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My Recent Posts

1 day ago
Stay Inside - Stay Fit and Keep Exercising! - Strengthen & Stretch
Why not pop the kettle on and have a quick read of last week's blog. All about staying inside and staying ... See more

I am writing this on our last day (hopefully our last day, if our flight … Read More

5 days ago
Workout for 23rd March - Love Your Back!

I'm continuing to post my workouts for free during the next few weeks; so why not have a go at home. Get the family joining in too. This week's ... See more

This week we are loving our backs; but to do that we have to love our abdominals too. So this workout is all about strengthening and stretching our backs and...

1 week ago
Over 70's Workout Number 2
Here is another chair workout for the over 70's. Please pass on the link and share if you know anyone who would like to do this. It's roughly 15 ... See more

A short, gentle workout, to get our body's moving; filmed outside in some lovely March sunshine for you to enjoy in these crazy times. Let's keep moving. Why...

1 week ago
Timeline Photos

Well the boxes are packed and we are leaving Jersey! Bad timing! Who knows when we’ll see this again! But I’ll be filming from my studio in Hampshire next week with or without furniture, mats or ... See more

1 week ago
Safe Planking

I posted this to my group page earlier and thought it might be useful for those of you who are doing my workouts from this page at the moment.

Planks are an excellent way to work our core muscles ... See more

This short video will show you how to build up to doing planks safely, at your own ability. It will give you alternatives to the low, high and side planks th...

1 week ago
Over 70's Workout Number1

Please feel free to share this workout with anyone you know over 70 who is stuck at home. It is so important to keep our mental and physical wellbeing ... See more

All you need for this gentle workout is a chair, some comfy clothing and some hand held weights if you have them and want to use them (or a couple of tins fr...

About me

I am a fully qualified exercise teacher and have been running classes under the umbrella of The Fitness League for over 30 years. Some large classes and other smaller groups all good fun but hard work, stretching, toning, loosening and generally exercising the whole body, with emphasis on good core muscle tone and posture.

On moving away for my husband’s work 2 years ago, I continued to exercise at home and friends and past class members asked me to video myself and send it to them so that they could continue doing my type of exercise in their homes too. After a year or so of doing this on an ad hoc basis, I have decided to do it seriously. Lots of people want to exercise at home, to fit in with work, family, life in general and it can fit in with other exercise regimes they may have.


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