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Online workouts to strengthen, stretch and improve flexibility

30 minute workouts to do at home every week, plus live 15/20 minute zoom sessions; delivered to your inbox. Set up through this website, by clicking on the 'join' button, all for less than a take out coffee each week. Live BarreConcept and Strengthen & Stretch classes via zoom every week. These are small, friendly, group sessions; hard work but great fun! Sign up for 6 week courses; message Helen for more information, using the link at the bottom of this page. You could also sign up for one to one online zoom sessions - choreographed to meet your particular needs. Message Helen for more information.

Exercise in your own home, at your own pace, at a time to suit you. Friendly and personal advice from Helen whenever you need it.

Strengthen & Stretch classes offer fun and friendly online exercise sessions with motivational and informative classes posted online to do at your own time or live classes. Alternatively, you can join in with the Supple Seniors and try out the more gentle chair workouts. Helen also offers, one to one private zoom classes tailored to your own needs; and if you live locally one to one or small group sessions @TheStudio.

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2 weeks ago

Improving our flexibility through exercises that lengthen and stretch our muscles helps prevent injuries, back pain, improves our posture and enables a muscle to achieve its full range of movement. ... See more

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About me

I am a fully qualified exercise teacher and have been running classes under the umbrella of The Fitness League for over 30 years.  Every class has at it’s roots and emphasis on good core muscle tone and posture;  each one working to maintain and improve flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and mental wellbeing.

On moving away for my husband’s work 5 years ago, I continued to exercise at home and friends and past class members asked me to video myself and send it to them so that they could continue doing my type of exercise in their homes too. After 3 years or so of doing this on an ad hoc basis, it has now become Strengthen & Stretch. Lots of people want to exercise at home, to fit in with work, family, life in general and it can fit in with other exercise regimes they may have.  I have recently completed a qualification to add BarreConcept classes to my portfolio; and my new live Barre and Strengthen & Stretch zoom classes have proved a really popular addition to the Strengthen & Stretch experience.  Classes are usually 50/60 minutes long and are choreographed with each individual participant in mind.


The Weekly Workout videos cost less than a take out coffee each week and will motivate and guide you through some great exercises to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility.

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