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About me

I am a fully qualified exercise teacher and have been running classes under the umbrella of FLexercise for over 30 years. Some large classes and other smaller groups all good fun but hard work, stretching, toning, loosening and generally exercising the whole body, with emphasis on good core muscle tone and posture.

On moving away for my husband’s work 2 years ago, I continued to exercise at home and friends and past class members asked me to video myself and send it to them so that they could continue doing my type of exercise in their homes too. After a year or so of doing this on an ad hoc basis, I have decided to do it seriously. Lots of people want to exercise at home, to fit in with work, family, life in general and it can fit in with other exercise regimes they may have.


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If you’re also interested in group classes, visit our UK partners FLexercise.

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