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A fun and friendly group with motivational and informative blogs posted periodically. Alternatively, you can join in with the Supple Seniors and try out the more gentle chair workouts. Helen also offers, one to one private zoom classes tailored to your own needs; and if you live locally one to one or small group sessions @TheStudio.

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My Recent Posts

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3 weeks ago
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Coming soon! The next gentle workout using a chair. Why not join in, like one of my lovely members keeping moving during lockdown #strengthenandstretch #suppleseniors #exerciseathome #staysafe ... See more

1 month ago
10 min wake up workout

Just thought I'd share this lovely 10 minute Wake Up workout again on this page. If you're working from home, or in a hurry in the mornings, this is a great way to set yourself up for the day. At ... See more

Just 10 minutes of easing our body into action for the day - for the days when you don't have 30 minutes for the whole workout, but want a quick stretch and ...

1 month ago
More Core and Hips - Weekly Workout for 20th April

Just sharing the workout from a couple of weeks ago. A great one for the hips and lots of core work too. Hope you enjoy this one - and once again a ... See more

Lots of love Core this week with some hip loosening and strengthening too. A great combination to get you moving during lockdown. Enjoy!

1 month ago
Over 70's Lockdown Workout

Here is another free workout just in time for the weekend for the over 70's - have a lovely stretch and loosen. Particularly good if you've been ... See more

A lovely workout both on and off the chair this week. Especially good if you've been doing lots of gardening and need to loosen off and have a stretch. Enjoy!

1 month ago
New Daily Routines and the Joy of Leggings! - Strengthen & Stretch

As we all get used to the state of lockdown, why not have a quick read of my latest blog with your morning cuppa; and don't forget you can join in with some of my workouts for free during this time, ... See more

When we first entered this new world of social distancing, lockdown and working from home, … Read More

1 month ago
Over 70's Wake Up and Loosen Up

Here is another free video for anyone over 70 who could do with a 10 minute stretch and loosen up. Whilst you are at isolated at home why not have ... See more

Another in the series of my workouts for the over 70's. You can use a chair or a worktop to hold on to for balance if you need to. Just 8 minutes of gentle e...

About me

I am a fully qualified exercise teacher and have been running classes under the umbrella of The Fitness League for over 30 years. Some large classes and other smaller groups all good fun but hard work, stretching, toning, loosening and generally exercising the whole body, with emphasis on good core muscle tone and posture.

On moving away for my husband’s work 5 years ago, I continued to exercise at home and friends and past class members asked me to video myself and send it to them so that they could continue doing my type of exercise in their homes too. After 3 years or so of doing this on an ad hoc basis, it has now become Strengthen & Stretch. Lots of people want to exercise at home, to fit in with work, family, life in general and it can fit in with other exercise regimes they may have.  I have recently completed a qualification to add Barre Concept classes to my portfolio; and my new live zoom classes have proved a really popular addition to the Strengthen & Stretch experience.


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