Our Agreement

I will post a workout every week and provide ad hoc extra videos from time to time. You will have access to the YouTube Channel and Facebook group chat page where, if you so wish you can chat with other users. On signing up and paying your subscriptions you will have read, understood and agree with the User Guidelines and the Disclaimer on this site. You must ensure that when you are doing the exercise sessions you are, fit to do them, follow the Guidelines and make sure that your working area is safe.

Guidelines to help you enjoy the session...


  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Take into account any medical conditions you suffer from that may be aggravated by exercise. If necessary discuss doing these sessions with your doctor
  • Start gently and progress gradually
  • Complete a warm up video before beginning a workout. The set playlists will always include an appropriate warm up at the beginning and cool down/stretch at the end.
  • Remember that as a fully qualified exercise teacher I will endeavour to help you with advice regarding exercise if I can, but I am not a medical practitioner
  • Exercise regularly at least 3 times a week is a good place to start
  • Be aware of your own physical limitations – if it hurts stop and message me for alternative suggestions and advice


  • Exercise too soon after having eaten a meal
  • Start the session without checking the area around you is safe to move around in
  • Hold your breath whilst performing the exercises
  • Sacrifice good technique to carry out more repetitions
  • Strain or make your body do things which are painful