Exercise in Midlife – Are You Doing Enough?

It’s hot, it’s sticky… and are you one of those who view the current heatwave as another excuse to not do any exercise?   You are not alone by any means. The Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines are that we should do at least 150 minutes of exercise each week.  It surprised me to read recently that a third of women between the ages of 41 and 60 are not!  A fifth are not even achieving 30 minutes per week.  With so many different activities at our finger tips, why is this figure so high? 

The vast majority of women in these categories said that they wanted to do more exercise.  But what is actually stopping them?  Have you read this and discovered you are one of these women?  Can you pin point what stops you?

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By far the most common reason I experience when teaching my online and face to face classes is, time, or lack of it.  There is no doubt in my mind that once you have found the form/style of exercise that suits you and you get into a regular habit of participating, you instantly feel better.  There is nothing quite like that rather smug feeling of satisfaction when you’ve finished a workout, gone for a run, cycled somewhere instead of hopping in the car, or come back from a long walk. So, why are more of us not ensuring we get this instant happiness fix? 

But this super hilarious rectangular magnet "My exercise routine consists of doing diddly squats"

We all know it is good for us and we feel better for it and yet it is still the item on the ‘to do list’ that gets left out when time is tight.  In reality, it is even more important when we are busy and stressed to attend that exercise class or do that run.  It makes us feel good, our body’s work more efficiently, we feel stronger and more flexible.  Our body is just like a machine.  It needs to move regularly to work effectively and move freely; if it doesn’t it will begin to cease up and then when we do decide to move or exercise it’s much harder and stiffer.

The joys of the menopause can also be a barrier for women doing physical activities and, along with this midlife issue, feeling invisible, only adds to the reasons not to exercise.  The reality is that exercise can help to build our self worth, our confidence and helps us to cope with many menopausal symptoms.

My classes are full of mid-llfe participants – male as well as female, all of whom enjoy (well I say enjoy loosely…) keeping themselves fit and healthy.  Not as a weight losing or body building activity but who just want to feel as fit, healthy and flexible as possible. 

Classes don’t need to break us, they should be challenging, yet fun, helping us to make the most of ourselves, encouraging us to improve strength and enabling us to become more supple.  Gently and gradually building up stamina, strength and tone.  Who doesn’t like to see a bit of tone in the upper arm whilst facing the mirror,  brushing our teeth!  If our muscles, joints and bones are stronger we suffer less niggles, aches and pains in everyday life.  It all makes perfect sense, but we are still not getting the minimum weekly minutes done.

Only you can change that.  Make time in your week to do some exercise.  You wouldn’t miss your favourite soap or your night out with friends, you’d find the time. So let’s find the time to do some exercise.  Why not sign up to an online class and start right now! Once exercise becomes a habit, you will begin to look forward to your activity or class.  You’ll begin to notice physical as well as mental benefits.  When you read articles or hear on the news about people not doing enough exercise, rather than feeling guilty or down because you know you secretly fall into that category, you’ll be able to celebrate that you are no longer in that cohort.  Start to celebrate what your body can do and enjoy getting more active in whatever way you enjoy!

Message me for more info or just some motivation: helenlong832@gmail.com or use the contact page on my website: www.strengthenandstretch.co.uk

Do message me if you would like advice on getting started, re-starting, or just doing some small group, friendly, online (or face to face, depending on location) exercises classes that suit you.

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