Movement is Life! Is 30 Minutes of Exercise, 5 Times a Week Enough?

We would find it incredibly hard these days, to not be aware that health experts, who advise the Government, recommend we all do, at least, 30 minutes of moderate exercise, 5 times a week. But, are we aware that this really only represents the minimum?

New research is showing that although doing this is hugely beneficial in keeping us healthier, it only actually adds up to about 2% of our day. If you spend the other 98% sitting around and being sedentary it could undo all of the good work you do in those 30 minutes. A ‘healthy movement profile’ requires us to move around on and off throughout the day, in addition to getting those valuable minutes of focussed exercise in to our schedules. I remember reading a long time ago, that everyday chores such as gardening, vacuuming, walking to the shops, hanging out the washing etc etc. all help to keep us moving. For example, when I’m doing the laundry I always keep the basket on the floor, forcing myself to bend down, stand up and repeat, several times whilst folding or hanging out the clothes; cutting the grass is a great workout. Simple things, but effective and there are many of these examples throughout the day.

Why not join online short classes – perfect for slotting in to your day.

My message to my class members, those online and face to face, is always the mantra I originally trained with under the umbrella of The Women’s League of Health & Beauty – FLexercise, as it is now, Movement is Life! I have done several other training sessions and disciplines over the years, and this phrase always stays in my mind. Your body is like a machine, look after it and you will feel the benefits. Use and look after the moving parts, keep your muscles, joints and bones strong, flexible and moving well and they will love you for it!

So, let’s all keep moving…sign up/continue to do your regular exercise classes or activities and then ensure you start or continue extra sporting pastimes, like golf, tennis, hiking, cycling. Next, be aware of how much time you are spending working at your laptop, watching tv etc etc every day and intersperse with little bouts of movement! So now I have completed my Weekly Ramblings sat at my desk, I’m off to move and film next week’s, Weekly Workout and coincidentally, they are always 30 minutes long – perfect! Do message me if you’d like more info on all of my live online classes and/or the Weekly Workouts –

Keeping our joints strong and supple is a key part of maintaining fitness, particularly as we get older.

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