New Daily Routines and the Joy of Leggings!

When we first entered this new world of social distancing, lockdown and working from home, nothing too much changed for me at first. I already work from home, doing something I love, and although I used to intersperse my working hours with, socialising with friends over coffee or lunch, going to the gym, playing golf and running, my working life stayed more or less the same. I found myself with long days ahead and instantly thought that for once in my life I could have everything under control, get lots of tasks done for my business that I’d been meaning to do, and attack all those jobs around the home that I’d been putting off for ages.

Not so! I seemed to be as busy as normal, if not busier. With all this time available, I just seemed to somehow fill it. But what was I doing! Yes, I’d started teaching live online Zoom classes a couple of times a day, but they only really replaced one to one sessions I’d been doing face to face with clients and friends. Where was my day disappearing? I discovered I needed a structure to get things done. So here I am, day 1, of my first working week schedule! I have planned my week and allocated time to get those business building jobs that I always shove to the bottom of my ‘to do’ list done, and I am working to deadlines again as if I was back at ‘real’ work. My daughter and husband have helped me devise strict guidelines and between 9am and 4.30pm 3 days a week I will be building my exercise business empire!! Well, I will be lovingly building my Strengthen and Stretch exercise program, which I believe passionately in, and helping more people to get fitter and feel better. Doing exercises for the way they make you feel, rather than just for the way they’ll make you look. Loosening and strengthening our joints, as well as strengthening and stretching our muscles.

I always find time for exercise because I love doing it. Give me a playlist of songs and I will happily put a series of exercise workouts together that fit beautifully to it and make you feel better afterwards. On the other hand, give me business strategy or a house that needs cleaning and I will find many ways to avoid getting it done. So I guess that is what this blog is all about. You might find yourself on the flip side of this. You are super efficient at getting other jobs done but exercise is the thing that slips off your ‘to do’ list or you avoid getting it done.

So, whilst we are in this lockdown scenario, why not re-structure your days, like I’ve restructured mine and make a schedule and routine for getting your exercise done. Make yourself a new routine and build exercising into it. One of the great things about working from home is that you can keep your exercise leggings on all day! A) they are comfy and b) when it’s time to do your exercises you are half way there! It seems to me that leggings have taken over as our outfit of choice for the day. It makes getting that exercise done, easier as you’re already dressed for it. You can segue easily between, work, chores and your exercise regime. I’ve begun an Abs @1pm session. Just 15 minutes of love your core just before lunch – a great way to get that bit of the body toned, slotted into a lunch break that you’d be taking anyway. With your leggings on already you’re half way there. Just change tops and you’re off. Obviously, if you’re not constantly locked into video meetings with your work, you can wear your whole exercise gear all day, an even easier transition from work to exercise to play to chores.

So, as I said in my last blog, let’s make exercise a habit together. Make it part of your new daily routine. We all know a sedentary lifestyle is bad for us and whilst we are in the period of lockdown we all must make more of an effort to keep our body’s moving. So, let’s use some of the extra time we have, but may be wasting, on improving our, flexibility, strength and general fitness. Which in turn will lead to us feeling fitter, having more energy and generally just feeling better.

And now, I must stop rambling because whereas in the old days, I would have spent hours writing this blog, with my new schedule I have to get this finished and ready…ten minutes ago!!

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